Pattern of Assistance in Various Schemes of Dept. of Agriculture & Cooperation, Min. of Agriculture, Govt. of India

[The subsidy pattern/level of assistance is illustrative and for ready reference only. Corresponding Scheme/Programme Guidelines may be consulted for verification before formulation of project proposal]


Sprinkler Irrigation


Broad Activity

Sub Actiivity

Pattern of Assistance

Name of Scheme

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler Irrigation

The total cost of installation as well as additional assistance by State Government are same as for Drip Irrigation.


Upper limit of assistance will be restricted to the amount as per the eligible pattern of assistance of the normative cost of installation Normative Cost of installation is Rs. 58,900/- ha for Micro Sprinkler, Rs. 85,200/- ha for Mini Sprinkler, Rs. 19,600/- ha for portable sprinkler, Rs. 36,600/- per ha.


For semi-permanent irrigation system and Rs. 31,600/- ha for Large Volume Sprinkler Irrigation System (Rain gun). Maximum permissible assistance will be restricted to 5 ha per beneiciary/group.


Sprinkler Set for pulses and wheat

Rs. 10,000/- per hectare or 50% of the cost whichever is less.

National Food


Mission (NFSM)