Pattern of Assistance in Various Schemes of Dept. of Agriculture & Cooperation, Min. of Agriculture, Govt. of India

[The subsidy pattern/level of assistance is illustrative and for ready reference only. Corresponding Scheme/Programme Guidelines may be consulted for verification before formulation of project proposal]


Seed Production


Broad Activity

Sub Activity

Pattern of Assistance

Name of Scheme

Seed Production

Seed Infrastructure Development

Allocation would be restricted to maximum of 1% of total outlay under the Mini Mission-I on Oilseeds of NMOOP for the entire implementation period during the Twelfth Plan on 100% basis.


Variety Specific Targeted Seed Production (VSTSP)

75% cost of seed production to NSC/SFCI/selected SSCs/ State Government Agencies/ICAR/SAUs and its KVKs,  farms, international institutions etc., in project mode, subject to requirement of foundation/certified seed and availability of breeder foundation seeds Eligibility: Varieties/   hybrids not older than 5 years.    


Assistance for boosting seed production in private sector including individual/   entrepreneurs, self help groups  etc

Credit-linked back-ended capital subsidy at the rate of  40% of project cost in general areas and 50% in case of  hill areas and scheduled areas subject to upper limit of   Rs. 150 lakhs per project

Sub Mission  on Seeds and Planting  Material (SMSP)