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Ongoing Project
Completed Project
Desanctioned Project
Approved but no expenditure incurred
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Some Expenditure incurred
Summary of Technical Evaluation Bid of RKVY - reg.
(Uploaded on 16/Oct/2019)
Re-Scheduling of financial bid opening on 16.10.2019 - reg.
(Uploaded on 15/Oct/2019)
Re-Scheduling of financial bid opening - reg.
(Uploaded on 14/Oct/2019)
Financial bid opening RKVY - reg.
(Uploaded on 14/Oct/2019)
Meeting notice for financial bid opening on 14 October 2019
(Uploaded on 11/Oct/2019)
Meeting notice for opening of RKVY financial bid on 14 10 19
(Uploaded on 11/Oct/2019)
Risk Based Internal Audit of RKVY During 2014-15 to 2017-18 - reg
(Uploaded on 27/Sep/2019)
Selection of Agency for Impact cum Concurrent Evaluation of RKVY - RAFTAAR scheme - opening of Technical bids-reg.
(Uploaded on 26/Sep/2019)
State Government are requested who does not want the funds under the specific sub-scheme please give in the writing to this department
(Uploaded on 06/Sep/2019)
(1) All concerned State Governments are requested to provide/upload the Success Stories as per list attached in the prescribed format provided by DAC&FW in the 19.02.2019 meeting. (2) Also provide the list of status of Projects under RKVY from 2007-08 to 2018-19 IMMEDIATELY
(Uploaded on 01/May/2019)
Kind attention: - RKVY Division has uploaded one video clip prepared by Tamil Nadu Government for helping the Geo-Tagging of RKVY projects on RKVY website (, we may request you please watch the video and complete the task at the earliest. By Order/- RKVY Division
(Uploaded on 12/Dec/2018)
All the State Governments are requested to kindly check their financial position under RKVY with the release & utilization statements uploaded in RKVY website. Any discrepancy or mismatch in the data may be intimated to under sign. Regards, (Nitin Kumar) Programmer Assistant RKVY,
(Uploaded on 12/Oct/2018)
States Govt. are requested to kindly ensure that the projects proposal pertaining to Department of AHD&F and ICAR may please be forwarded to these concerned Department and comments may be obtained beforehand. The comments received may be submitted to this Department at the time of submission of agenda for SLSC meeting. This will ensure timely approval of projects at central level. By order/- (Joint Secretary, RKVY)
(Uploaded on 25/Jul/2018)
Hearty welcome to all concerned States in New RKVY Website (Joint Secretary, RKVY)
(Uploaded on 25/Jul/2018)